Adrian RW
Real-time Interactive Installation


Real-time / Data Art / Unity
Openframeworks / 

We wanted to create an instrument that would scan the vibrations of the Sònar+D assistants. And that also automatically share in social networks the artistic representation of their vibrations. Another premise is that the installation could entertain the public without any instruction or assistance. The required interaction will be understandable to operate autonomously.


We rely on the studies of Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov on soul photography and Keijiro Takahashi, visual particle artist.

The hardware would implement a sensory system based on capacitance. Property of the bodies to store electric charge. This sensor would be used as a scanner to extract user information and begin recording your avatar for subsequent upload to the networks.

Inspired by the world of energy and chakras as the main element of communication with the user, we use balance as the main mechanic. So that a midi controller placed vertically, represented by the colors of the chakras, allows people to express themselves visually, influencing the vibration frequency of each chakra.

For this we create a sensor system capable of communicating with the Unity GPU particle system. So that we were able to capture and artistically represent the vibrations of people in real time.