Adrian RW
in post-production
Cinematic VR


Quest / POV / 6DOF
Interactive Narrative / 
Binaural Sound

 Mike falls into an existential crisis. John, an old friend, proposes us to escape into a dream world, but as in every paradise, there is a condition: not to look back. As an interactive experience, the user will have to decide whether to immerse themselves in a fantasy world or disobey the rules and move on a journey of psychological terror towards their deepest fears.

During our tour of virtual reality festivals, we realized that most non-gamers were overwhelmed when they did not know what they had to do and they quit VR very quickly. That reaction, of passive spectators totally lost in the new active roll of VR, caught our attention and we wanted to take advantage of it in this new experience.

We believe that virtual reality must be consumed with a spirit of exploration. The figure of the film director is similar to a God who tells us where to look, how long to look and how we should feel. This disappears in VR with the figure of the active viewer. The good news is that the viewer becomes the director, but they also loses its servitude and inherits the narrative agony where nothing happens if they don’t create it first. This experience attempts to simulate the transition from the passive to the active spectator through MIKE’s adventure and the way they face it.


interactive narrative

360 cinematography




binaural sound

matte painting

the content reacts to the viewer’s decisions.

chroma studio recording with kinect and cinematographic cameras.

graphic elements that respond to the movements of the viewer in real time.

6 degrees of freedom that allows the viewer to walk through the experience.

particle-based aesthetics.

ambisonic sound positioned in space.

construction of oneiric worlds through visual composition.