DnA Leadership Summit



Adrian RW, Aris Serrallonga, Ròma Hereter
Virtual Event VFX


C4D /  VFX / Virtual Event

DnA Leadership Summit is the annual event held by the firm Ernst & Young in which they bring together Global leaders in Data Analytics. For the inauguration of their virtual event we were asked to create an immersive presentation that would establish a cutting-edge technological environment together with a warm welcome from Beatriz Sanz Sáiz, EY Global Advisory Data and Analytics Leader.

Virtual Event with Context

One of the requirements was to run away from the effect of pre-recorded and artificial video. Despite the fact that this 2020 edition had to be held virtually, they wanted to maintain the feeling of being broadcast live. To do this, we wanted to give the viewer a context and we proposed to shoot the presentation in chroma and recreate the Wavespace, EY’s Innovation Center in 3D.

To Intrigue without Distracting

Because Beatriz Sanz was going to share essential data, we were requested to make the video very beautiful and intriguing, but not so much as to distract people from an ongoing talk. It made it clear for us that the project had to take an abstract turn and elegant twist.

We wanted to create some sort of smooth, soothing movement. Something like liquids blending into each other. We went through an extensive research phase before coming to and falling in love with the final concept: floating organic shapes generating natural flows of particles, and tracing neon trails of light, like optical fiber.